These 3 supposed “scams” aren’t really scams!

Everyday we visit many websites and some of them may be questionable or even appear ‘scammy’. We went to all of the following sites and although they look like spam, they are actually great websites that have a lot of information for you (and potentially money!):

  1. First and foremost: – this site helps you find potentially unclaimed money owed to you, whether it’s $100 from a previous mortgage, or $50 from a credit card refund!
  2. Ebates: You shop online like you’d normally do but since they provide you a link they make money off it, and pay you for using it. They have a chrome plugin so you don’t even have to click a link, chrome just tells you when you can get cash back.
  3. Credit cards. Live within your means and credit cards are free money/air miles – not much, but better than nothing (which is what using cash gets you)