SCAM ALERT: – A Scam Site That Messaged the Wrong Guys

Man, you know how you get spammed calls and text messages? We always love it when they send it to us since we can amplify easily.

So the newest offender:

Let’s take a look at the text message they sent us: 

How did they get our phone number? We’ve never dealt with this company before so we assume they bought an illegal list somewhere and decided to spam thousands of phone numbers at once.

To just see what they’re offering, we decided to sit on the site a little while and sure enough, 15 seconds later a chat popped up saying they are “Amazon Recommended”:

Odd since Amazon don’t recommend professional services outside of their ecosystem; so can we say SPAM?

We then sat a bit more through the chat and got transferred to their “consultant” who then began to claim a few things:

  1. Amazon recommended service
  2. Amazon publishing guaranteed
  3. 100% money back after you PAY EVERYTHING UPFRONT <– SCAM SCAM SCAM ALERT

Check out this screenshot of the conversation:

$1,575 for 200 – 250 page book; with 100% payment upfront; with a random company that claims they are Amazon recommended.

We’ll say it again: SCAM ALERT SCAM ALERT

We’ve sent this to Amazon already – I’m sure things will be fun for that website in the next few days!